UONETEC Co., Ltd.,

is equipped with the nation’s first automated fire extinguisher manufacturing line, and the largest waste fire extinguisher reprocessing facility in the country.

We are a first mover in the fire protection industry of South Korea with an optimal working environment, preventing environmental pollution while improving productivity.

Based on know-hows accumulated in the fire protection industry and the endless innovative activities and R&D of experts, we are enhancing the system and competence in line with the international standards, and we satisfy customer requirements. Furthermore based on various certifications and new technology development, we have achieved performances, taking a step closer to achieving the BEST 3 [Best technology, quality, production volume] in the field of fire protection in Korea.

Furthermore, we give you our word that we will endeavor to develop into an eternal company, together with our customers at both home and abroad.

UONETEC Co., Ltd., CEO Son Judal